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Logo - The symbolized concept of the upcoming phase of DX Antenna


This logo means inheriting the history, technology, and products which have been cultivated ceaselessly ever since the foundation of the company, and having those as our basis from this point on, actively expanding into the fields of information transmission and security related products.

Concept of Re·New·Construction

Strength of DX Antenna

What is "Re·New·Construction" ? What is the strength of DX Antenna? We will introduce several examples.

  • [New Construction] DX Antenna's Technology | Striving for innovation in new generation information transmitting systems
  • Research and Development Facilities [Re-Construction] Seishin Technology Center [New Construction] Radio anechoic chamber
  • [Re-Construction] Asian Market Expansion | Utilizing engineering technology cultivated for years

Concept of "Re·New·Construction"

Designing and manufacturing high performance and high quality products, sincerely and with renewed spirit.

For "Re-Construction," DX Antenna has reviewed its originating point of manufacturing to strengthen its capability as a manufacturer. We will make our utmost effort to create products loved by the people. As a part of "Re-Construction," we will provide attractive high quality products for the overseas market.

Seeking innovative technology and leading the next generation with renewed passion

For "New Construction," we will accelerate our expansion into the new field as an information transmitting company. We will push forward the development and expansion of new services that go beyond the framework of broadcasting and communication.


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