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Transforming into an Information Transmitting System Company in the New Generation.

Broadcasting Related Products - Make Digital Broadcasting Comfortable and Beautiful.


As a specialized manufacturer of broadcasting signal receiving related products, we have a full line up of products such as antennas, boosters, splitters, and dividers, which are essential to receiving digital broadcasting signals. Based on the high level transmission technology that we have cultivated, we will support "new generation digital broadcasting" with technologies of our own.

Communication Related Products - A New Generation where Broadcasting and Communication are Fused.


From optic fiber transmission systems and optic fiber terminals that support information networks, to DX Antenna's own “Information transmitting system for disaster prevention & welfare (IPDC)” - a fusion of broadcasting and communication, we will be looking at upcoming new media society. With a network technology unique to DX Antenna, we will propose a new style of information transmission aiming for an advanced information society.

Security Related Products - Bring Safety and Security to Daily Life.


Looking at the safety of people and society, we are developing various security products and offering system solutions that will monitor the safety of people and society, and realize a safe and comfortable environment. From "Hi-Vision digital monitoring systems" that utilize high level transmission technology to "LED sensor lights" that assure safety with light, and from home to office - we contribute to establish safe and secure environments through our unique technology.

Video Related Products - Provide Information and Impression with Beauty that Resonates to the Heart.


From LCD TV to recorders, we provide video products essential for video life under the "DX Broadtec" brand name. Through expression in video, we deliver the "Impression" with high definition, high quality, and energy saving products that are created through the fusion of superb signal receiving technology and video know-how.

Pre-Construction Research, Design, Administration/After Service - Support with Trust and Reliability.


From designing receiving systems, pre-construction research, construction administration, after service, to proposals on system renewal, we provide services from the customer's point of view through our sales network across Japan. We offer trustworthy and reliable support for diverse broadcast, communication and information communications.

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